Test Area

I decided to try something new. Instead of putting vague links to new builds on the 'news' pages, I figured that I'd put the newest, untested, versions in a place where everyone can find them and try them out for me.

If something doesn't work, or if there is a problem with a 'test area' JLookUp, please let me know (a link to my e-mail address is on the left bar, and there's one on the About window in JLookUp). If you have an error, zip out.uni.txt and send it, too. Thanks!

Known Bugs
Nothing spectacular.

JLookUp (2005.06.14)
Here's the next update; This guy adds a few new features and fixes.

Download here:

JLookUp. [0.2 mb]
You need a previous version of JLookUp to paste the files over.
* Extract the .zip file over top of the old JLookUp install (feel free to copy it and use that one, instead).
* Replace JLookUp.exe, Changelog.txt, README.txt, fuzzysearch.uni.dat, and--optionally--Options.jlreg and debug_level.dat.

NOTE: By default, it is in 'debug' mode right now. You can change this by either deleting debug_level.dat, or by changing the number in there to be 0. If you have a problem, turn debug-mode on and then zip and e-mail me out.uni.txt.

I really recommend reading the changelog if you really care about any new changes, but to summarize:

Basically, it adds much better copy support; I personally can't use the old ones anymore just because of this ^_^ It also adds a new way to do radical-lookup clicking. Results can now be displayed in ROMAji as opposed to kana. It also fixes a memory problem!

You can now force Japanese searches (and English ones) with JP: & EN:, and also with toolbar buttons.

English searches now work like they're supposed to (again... yeah, I broke it before).
The Result Window has been really re-worked. You can play with the header bars a lot more than you used to be able to. You can now select and manipulate multiple entries at a time.

It turns out that there was a problem with the wildcard-searching stuff, so that's all fixed now. Horray for recursion! And finally, after all these months, we have the Japanese Fuzzy Search! Basically, it'll try to reverse-conjugate whatever you give it. So, if you give it ころされたかった it'll conjugate it back to ころす for you. To turn this option on, check the button with the って and the blue arrow. These searches will take a bit longer, but they may be worth it.
I fixed the encoding thing again. This time it should work for good.
The IME for ー and ・ ('-' and '*', respectively) works again.
Kana-insensitive searches work with the fuzzysearch option.
* History Feature: Press CTRL+Space.
* More in the options menu related to the History.
* I moved around a few menu items.
* NOTE: The Study List does NOT work. It will soon... soon. But not now.
* Small fix with the IME and ROMAji conversion.
* I finally, finally managed to rewrite a TON of code to get the study list up and running. It doesn't work much, but it is there.
* The study list works, and it works well. There's a bunch more, but that's the biggest thing.
* Little code fixes here and there, and s*nprintf instead of s*printf.
* Fixed some of the default-options-file stuff.

As for the documentation, I sincerely apoligize for not having it anywhere near up-to-date. I'll try to get it fixed up sometime soon...

From to
* Fix: Default options file is now made properly ('%' to '%%', '\' to '\\').
* Change: Maximum debug level is 3.
* Change: Iconv stuff is now debug level 3.

From to
* Change: Naming convention change in version.
* Change: All "[v][w]sprintf"s have been changed to "[v]sn[w]printfs".
* Change: Thread-stalling stuff is now in one function.
* Fix: The NULL check for logging should work properly.

From to
* Added: File: fuzzysearch.uni.dat.
* Change: Kanji-->Radical Lookup is now Window-->Radical Lookup.
* Change: Kana-insensitive search button has moved.
* Change: Multiple language buttons can be selected at one time.
* Feature: JLookUp will now try to reverse-conjugate words according to the rules of the Fuzzy Search.
* Feature: There's a history list now, accessible by pressing CTRL+Space.
* Feature: There's an options screen for the history.
* Feature: ALT+Click on an entry to move the selected entries BEFORE it.
* Feature: The Result Window's header bars are now complete.
* Feature: File-->Window-->Study List.
* Feature: Kanji information can be searched like everything else.
* Feature: You can now have random words / kanji.
* Fix: There was a problem when trying to search kana-insensitively with text with kanji in it.
* Fix: The katakana vowel extender and the dot ('-' and '*' in the IME) now work again.
* Fix: I'm using a new string-comparision algorithm, and it fixes the problems that were apparent with the old one.
* Fix: There was a crash when doing random searches.
* Fix: There was an issue with loading the studylist if it didn't exist.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Search/Toolbars/: Fuzzy.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Search/: RecentList/.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Search/RecentList/: Enabled, Max, Load.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /: StudyList/.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /StudyList/: HeaderItems/.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /StudyList/HeaderItems/: {0-5}/.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /StudyList/HeaderItems/{0-5}/: Header, Percentage, Position.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /StudyList/: File.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /StudyList/: On.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /RadicalLookup/: On.
* Better: out.uni.txt is more organized (at least in the beginning).
* Better: There's more error-printing in out.uni.txt.
* Change: Changed my e-mail to doug.manley@gmail.com.
* Change: There's more information in the first-time dialog box(es).
* Fix: JLookUp should now convert between encodings properly (again).
* Fix: In theory, JLookUp should now support more encodings properly; there was a memory allocation issue before.
* Fix: Clicking on an entry again will NOT deselect it anymore.
* Fix: Some logic problems with selecting entries.
* Fix: Kana conversion for 'nyu' (et cetera) should now work (Thanks to James for pointing that out).

From to
* Feature: Multiple entries can now be selected.
* Feature: Multiple entries can now be copied.
* Feature: Debugging is now an option.  Use 'debug_level.dat' to specify a level.
* Feature: Japanese searches can now be forced (using JP:).
* Feature: There's a new toolbar area for Language-forcing.
* Feature: Selected text is preserved after a search.
* Feature: What is copied can now be customized.
* Feature: Radical Lookup's radical selection options can be changed.
* Feature: ROMAji text can now be displayed instead of kana.
* Feature: You can now move around the Result Window's header bars with a dialog box (press spacebar to activate it).
* Feature: The old right-click menu on the Result Window's header bars has been replaced by the above menu.
* Feature: Double-click on a divider in one of those header bars to resize all of the items.
* Fix: JLookUp now parses entries properly.
* Fix: JLookUp's English searches now work properly again.
* Fix: JLookUp now supports Fullwidth ROMAji.
* Fix: JLookUp now bypasses un-found dictionaries properly.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /: RadicalLookup.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /RadicalLookup/: CtrlClick.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Results/: Copy/.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Results/Copy/: Format, SepInfo, SepMeaning, SepMultiple.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Misc: ROMAjiMode.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Search: Language.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Results/: HeaderItems/.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Results/HeaderItems/: #/ (where # is 0 though 5).
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Results/HeaderItems/#/: Header, Percentage, Positon.
* Options.jlreg: Added to /Results/: Sort1, Sort2.
* Options.jlreg: Removed: /Results/: HeaderWindow1/, HeaderWindow2/.
* Options.jlreg: Removed: /Results/: Sort1 Level, Sort1 Button, Sort2 Level, Sort2 Button.
* Better: JLookUp converts the dictionary to its encoding like it should.
* Change: Pressing CTRL+c on an EDICT entry copies it using the custom-copy format.
* Feature: JLookUp now accounts for more possibilities of failing to start properly.
* Feature: JLookUp changes its window text to say 'Closing...' when it closes.
* Fix: When a dictionary is freed from memory, it properly checks for the existence of an entry's word.
* Fix: A kanji's stroke-count is now accurately represented.
* Fix: Dictionaries are now properly maintained when upgrading from an older version.
* Fix: The 'First Time' box in JLookUp is now displayed properly.
* Fix: Added dictionaries now use relative paths again.
* Fix: I forgot a '-1' in the conversion routine.  Thanks to Truong Hoang Nguyen for pointing that out.

If you feel like looking at the source code, here it is (out-dated, sorry):
JLookUp. [0.3 mb]