Download JLookUp 1.0 "Classic"

Note that JLookUp 1.0 is no longer supported. Please try JLookUp 2.0 (now in alpha) instead. It's way better.


JLookUp is available here.

JLookUp is the recommended version; however, no easy installer exists for it. In order to get it, you must:

  1. Download JLookup from this page (It is an easy Windows installer; it should only take a minute or two).
  2. Get JLookUp and then extract the contents of the zip file over top of the files that were installed with

JLookUp --new as of 2004.10.16

Download :: Windows Installer
* JLookUp. [~6.0 mb]
* (BitTorrent Download!)
This is something new here; it's an installer (ooo, aaa). Anyway, the same delete-whatever-you-want rules apply, but now it looks nice & professional, plus it's easier to use.

Download :: Source
We all know that the Windows API is a diabolical machination on the part of Microsoft. I think that the best way to get that mess to work is to look at other people's stuff, so here's the source for JLookUp. You're welcome to have a field day with the code, but I'd appreciate it if you 1) let me know if you use it for anything, or 2) find any bugs.
* [~0.2 mb]

If you need (you probably will if you're looking at the source) the random .h files that I may have forgotten, they're here:
* [~0.5 mb]

And, if you want to compile, you'll want the .lib files:
* [~0.3 mb]