Dictionary Files
Here are the dictionaries (a good place to put them is the folder called 'DICT', which is in the same directory as the program).
These will most likely never change, so you're safe just getting them once.

This is included in the standard version (not bare):

* DICT.zip [2.4 mb]

These are extra (if you want them). You can use Add Dictionary to add them:

* edict.enamdict.zip [3.3 mb] (Proper names).

NOTE: The old one will crash version 1.0.6. It has been properly fixed now, and the next versions of JLookUp will all be able to cope better with bugged dictionaries.
* edict.j_places.2004.09.11.zip [0.9 mb] (Place names).

NOTE: The old classical and lawgledt dictionaries in were are bugged. 'classical' is now fixed--again.
* edict.supplement.2004.08.30.zip [0.3 mb] (A bunch of others).

If you want more, read the Documentation and look under EDICT.