About JLookUp

Current Version: (get it here)
Alpha Version: 2.0a-6.0 (get it here)

JLookUp 1.0

JLookUp is a Japanese↔English dictionary program for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

JLookUp was born because, basically, I got tired of using JQuickTrans, so I asked myself, 'Can we do better?' (to quote Mister Glinos). I sure felt that we could, so I started JLookUp and produced a piece of software better than JQuickTrans--and free.

Some features include:
Built-in kana IME
This means that it will convert what you type--as you type--to hiragana or katakana.
ROMAji to kana conversion
This means that you can type using normal characters and it will convert them to Japanse for you when you search.
kana-insensitive search
Sort of like a case-sensitive search (but for kana).
Search in the front/middle/back
The normal ways of searching for text.
Wildcard support
Japanese searches support '_' (any number of characters, usually '*') and '?' (any one character) wildcards.
Match substrings of the text
Find all words possible from the text.
Kanji radical lookup
Look up unknown kanji by selecting its radicals.
Multiple dictionary support
Add your own EDICT-format dictionaries.
English searching.
Now very similar to a Google search (compared to before *wink*)
Tons of encoding support.

If you want to download JLookUp, click on the bold Download button on the side (or this one), and get the on from the 'fast mirror'. Documentation can be viewed here, or it can be downloaded (see the side bar).

JLookUp 2.0

JLookUp 2.0 is currently in active development and will be periodically released as use-at-your-own-risk alphas.

Thanks everyone, and e-mail me if you have any questions or comments.