JLookUp2 Alpha Schedule

This is the current proposed schedule for the JLookUp2 alpha. The goal of the alpha will be to try out various functionality, operating systems, and in general deploy JLookUp2—one piece at a time.

As this is an alpha release, bugs are to be expected. In fact, that's a major reason for the alpha—the goal is to get most of them ironed out as the various components of the final product are introduced and updated.

My current operating systems are all Linux; this means that I will not be able to test Windows updates as often as I can under Linux. However, since Qt is a cross-platform UI, I am hoping that what works in Linux works just about identically in Windows.

Later on, this project will most-likely be open-sourced, allowing far more people to pitch in and get things supported.

If you try the alpha, please e-mail me with any problems, suggestions, etc.

Alpha progress
  • No memory leaks. [1.0]
  • Fully working word results. [1.0]
  • Kanji results. [2.0]
  • Windows support. [2.2]
  • on and kun readings in the tooltips. [2.2]
  • Radical lookup. [3.0]
  • Saved window settings. [3.1]
  • ROMAji searches. [3.1]
  • Search for "similar" kanji. [4.0]
  • Actual adding/removing of dictionaries. [4.0]
  • Native IME. [4.0]
  • Awesome Character Result hover window [4.1]
  • Configurable character font size. [4.1]
  • Configurable general font size. [4.1]
  • Awesome Word Result hover window [4.2]
  • Fully featured copy/paste in word results. [5.0]
  • Fully featured copy/paste in character results. [5.0]
  • "Instant" radical search. [5.0]
Alpha 6
  • No memory corruption. [6.0]
  • Search box now strips newline characters. [6.0]
  • Search box now searches the selected text (if there is a selection). [6.0]
  • Ability to remove dictionaries [6.0]
  • Configurable font faces.
  • ROMAji output mode.


Alpha 7
  • Saved results.