///   CHANGE LOG   ///

From to
* Bugfix: Re-added support for 'tsu' to kana 'tu' conversion.  Sorry about that ^_^

From 1.0.7 to
* Better: Added more types of IME conversions.
* Bugfix: Buffer strings are now cleared properly (previously, there were some memory leaks).
* Bugfix: Non-NT systems can now add dictionaries through File-->Add Dictionary.
* Bugfix: Seeminly random artifacts in some entries should be gone now.
* Bigfix: Just little stuff here and there.
* Removed: Some old debug prints during English searches.

From 1.0.6d to 1.0.7
* Bugfix: Fixed some English search bugs.
* Bugfix: The Legendary Mueller Crash should be fixed.
* Bugfix: The Choose Font stuff should work with non NT versions of Windows, now.
* Bugfix: You shouldn't be able to overlap searches now.
* Bugfix: The Searching window should go away all the time, now.
* Bugfix: Searching for ? and _ should work again.
* Feature: JLookUp will now upgrade your options file if it's out of date.
* Options.jlreg: Added to Misc: IME.
* Better: Lots of optimizations everywhere.
* Bugfix: Fixed a spot where it might be possible to let some memory get loose.

From 1.0.6b to 1.0.6d
* Better: JLookUp can now safely run without partsofspeech.jlf.
* Better: The font for the combobox is now the misc. font, too.
* Better: There are a LOT more encodings now.
* Bugfix: There shouldn't be any more crashes because of an entry's info.
* Bugfix: When you search with no conversion, words with kanji actually give results now.
* Dialog: There is an Add Dictionary window with a bunch of options now.
* Dictionaries: Dictionaries now support more encodings than EUC-JP.
* Dictionaries: Dictionary loading now copes with more flaws in the dictionaries.
* Feature: Press CAPSLOCK to toggle the internal IME.
* Feature: Pressing CTRL+c in the Result Window copies the Word.
* Feature: Pressing CTRL+c in the Kanji Window copies the Kanji.
* Option: JLookUp can now steal clipboard information automatically.
* Option: JLookUp has the option to be 'Always on top'.
* Options.jlreg: Added to Misc: AlwaysOnTop.
* Options.jlreg: Added to EDICT\Dictionaries\<#>: Encoding.
* All output flushes, so if there's a crash, the output file should be good.

From 1.0.6b to 1.0.6b1 (Win98 only)
* The Result and Kanji Window headers can now be resized properly.

From 1.0.6a to 1.0.6b
* Added a crucial feature to the updater that future updates will require.

From 1.0.6 to 1.0.6a
* Fixed a bug where if you searched for nothing, it would crash.
* I optimized (just a bit) the EDICT loader, so EDICTs should load faster now.
* Thread handles are now closed properly.  That was my mistake.

From 1.0.5 to 1.0.6
* Tabbing between windows now works properly.
* JLookUp can copy and seach for text of any length (the 100 character cap is gone).
* The windows no longer activate when the mouse moves over them and the main window is NOT on top.
* English searching is now like Google searching.
* The Dictionaries: Indexing option now works correctly in the options menu.
* Removed any references to 'out.txt'.  All output is now directed to 'out.uni.txt'.
* Just in case: There shouldn't be any divider problems when minimizing.
* The Radical Lookup Window's colors are now determined by the Kanji Window's.
* The Kanji Window's header bars can be resized!
* The Result Window's header bars can be removed and added!
* Made it so that it cannot display results until a search is terminated.
* The Result Window's header bars can be resized!
* Options.jlreg: The following are added: Misc\Version
* Options.jlreg: The following are deleted: Search\Romaji
* Options.jlreg: The following are now under Search\Toolbars: Type, Substr, Word, Romaji-conversion, Kana-sensitive, Show, Encoding
* Options.jlreg: The following are added: Search\*: AlwaysSearchFocus, ShowInitialText
* Added a first-time screen.
* The hover windows now reflect their parents more closely.
* New bitmaps for the headers.
* When Radical-lookup is up, the Kanji Window moves properly.
* The Radical-lookup Window now is sized properly when it's created.
* About screen now has hyperlinks.

From 1.0.4 to 1.0.5
* Fixed the documentation about searching.  A special thank-you goes out to Stefan Mueller for alerting me to that.
* Changed the formatting of the update text a bit.
* Changed the default size of the Search Window.

From 1.0.3 to 1.0.4:
* JLookUp can now check for updates (from the Options menu).
* Searches are now threaded.
* Loading dictionaries is now theaded.
* Added more compatibility for the lawgledt dictionary file.  Sorry about not fixing this earlier.
* Added a new category, Misc. Options, to the options menu.
* JLookUp will now notify you and exit when it cannot find a value in your options file.
* The font for the headers can now be changed.
* It now asks you what you want to do if it encounters a bad index file.
* The indexing format has been improved (old index files need to be deleted).
* The Search Window's edit control now can be customized.
* The hover windows now display using the fonts chosen for their parents.
* Added functionality for '?' wildcard.
* There is now a non-NT version!
* Fixed a bug where it would lose the window's placement settings if it closed while minimized.
* The Radical-Lookup Window now uses the Kanji Window's kanji font for its characters.

From 1.0.2 to 1.0.3:
* 100% new options file.
* JLookUp now remembers just about every setting that you changed.
* Dictionaries can be renamed and deleted.
* Dictionaries are now automatically loaded when the program is loaded once they are added.
* Colors are changeable.
* Activated Options-->Settings.
* Fixed a nasty crash that happened when the Radical window was toggled on/off/on.
* Activated Help-->About.
* Added new options.
* Raddat has been renamed to Radkfile.
* Added a status-bar message when a dictionary is loaded.

From 1.0.1 to 1.0.2:
* Added a right-click menu to the input window.
* All copying is now subject to the encoding conversion first.
* Additional kanji info can be copied.
* Kanji results can be sorted now.
* Added Tooltip-like pop-ups for the kanji window when you let the mouse hover over an entry.
* Kanji on/kun readings *no longer* [improperly] include nanori and radical readings.
* Fixed bugs with the search window's rebar control.
* Added a button to show the conversion on a search.
* Added resize cursors for when the mouse can resize a window.
* Fixed a bug that caused the wrong cursor to be displayed.
* Internally changed the way that it loads the kanji dictionaries.

From 1.0.0 to 1.0.1:
* Added Tooltip-like pop-ups for the results when you let the mouse hover over an entry.
* Removed a lot of debug-ish output to the logfiles.
* It now properly replaces the selection when searching.